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I have been researching on new methods to help my eye as I have astigmatism and I have had word about Lasik Treatment. However one has to think that going under the laser could leave permanent effects that may or may not be as desirable as one would want. So I sought out other alternatives and I found a new method that was just developed and released last 2004 - Implantable Contact Lenses.

Here are some of the questions that have been answered regarding ICL(implantable contact lenses):

What Are Implantable Contact Lenses?

Implantable contact lenses, or phakic intraocular lenses, are lenses implanted in the eye to work with the crystalline lens to correct myopia (nearsightedness). Because an ICL can correct a wider range of myopia than laser refractive procedures, implantable contact lenses are often turned to as an alternative to LASIK surgery.
What is the Difference between ICLs and IOLs?

Implantable contact lenses are often referred to as phakic IOLs, which may cause some confusion when trying to distinguish between an ICL and an IOL. The term "phakic" refers to an eye with the natural lens still intact. Therefore, the main difference between implantable contact lenses and traditional IOLs is the fact that an ICL works in conjunction with the eye's crystalline lens and an IOL replaces the eye's natural lens.

Typically, IOLs are used to treat cataracts and, in some cases, presbyopia. Implantable contact lenses treat myopia, myopia with astigmatism, and hyperopia (farsightedness). Currently, toric ICL models (to treat myopia with astigmatism) and hyperopic ICL models are only available outside of the United States, although toric and hyperopic ICL lens models have been submitted to the FDA for review.
What Does the ICL Procedure Involve?

The ICL implantation procedure for the Visian ICL™ and the Verisyse™ phakic IOL share some similarities, including the use of eye drops and anesthetics and the insertion of the ICL into the eye. However, lens placement and incision size vary between the implantable contact lenses requiring slightly different procedures. Review the ICL eye surgery in more detail.
Are Implantable Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes. Although all surgical procedures carry some risk of complications, implantable contact lenses have a proven track record of safety. Because implantable contact lenses are removable and do not alter the cornea, patients tend to feel less threatened by possible ICL risks than the potential complications associated with laser refractive surgery.
Are Both Eyes Treated at the Same Time?

No. Typically, one eye is treated at a time.
Will I Feel the ICL after the Procedure?

No. Although you may experience slight discomfort during the procedure, you should not be able to feel a properly implanted ICL.
What Results Should I Expect after ICL Treatment?

Almost immediately following ICL treatment, you should experience clearer vision. The benefits of implantable contact lenses include convenience, safety, and amazing results.

Here is a website that is also very helpful in finding the right clinic that can do this procedure for you: Implantable Contact Lenses
Here is a video documentary of how Implantable Contact Lenses work:

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Express Contact Lenses said...

I took a look at your article and I wasn't disappointed. I believe you must have enjoyed writing it.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Express Contact Lenses,

It pleases me so much to hear that you liked what you read :) I really did have fun writing it most especially since am considering this as an alternative eye treatment for me :) Hope you have a great weekend :) xoxo

Shady Grove Eye Vision Care said...

Contact lenses are available for people with astigmatism. There is considerable time and skill involved in fitting patients with these lenses but it can be done for all astigmatisms if the patient is highly motivated to try.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Shady Grove Eye Vision Care,

yup i also agree with you with that. There are a lot of contacts that have the ability to help people with astigmatism like prescription glasses. It is an alternative for those that do not like glasses and are a bit scared of surgery :)

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