Wellness Wednesday on Empty Streets: Don't Worry - Be Happy

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There is no real secret to happiness - It is all in your mind and attitude. Think yourself happy and you will get there. It is no doubt that we all love happy and cheerful people. Their sunny disposition and knack for seeing the positive in the negative is quite infectious. Wishing to be like that?

The truth is that you can do it. Another truth is that happy people aren't born that way. Genetics may play a part but even someone with a joyous outlook on life needs to work at staying upbeat through ups and downs. The fact is, happy people are happy because they practice habits that make them so.

In his best selling book, The Happiness Handbook, clinical psychologist and founder of The Happiness Institute in Australia, Dr. Timothy Shart says happiness is a choice we make everyday of our lives.

Everyone can achieve happiness, believes Dr. Sharp. After all it is our ultimate goal in life. How to attain it? By knowing that happiness is really a state of mind, determined more by how we think and act than by our circumstances.

If you are not sure where to start - you are in luck as here are some tried and tested happy habits.

1. Look on the bright side:

In life, it is usually the smally, niggly thougths that eat away at your contentment. According to studies we average about 60, 000 thoughts a day - 95% of them are out of habit, with the majority of them being negative. The central method for achieving a happier life is to train your mind in a daily practice that weakens negative attitudes and strengthens positive ones, says the Dalai Lama. The trick is to sift through your cloud of thoughts, identify and question negative and unhelpful ones. Choose happier thoughts. Think about the last time someone complimented you or how a colleague helped you at work.

2. Enjoy and appreciate what you have
Spend a few hours playing with your kids, bask in the pleasure of a warm, sunny day. The point is to be grateful for what you have, like your good health, family and close relationships. Develop a childlike sense of wonder for life - we all know kids have the capacity to see joy in anything, even a worm crawling on a leaf. In the words of writer Henry Miller. "Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such"

3. Live with purpose and passion
To enjoy a fulfilling life, understand what you really want and have the courage to go for it. Nothing is worse than working at a job or doing something you don't care for. Dream of owning your own business? Want to travel and see the world? Then map out a plan to achieve it - do your homework,start saving, work towards short milestones to get to where you want to be.

4. Grow and Adapt

You settled into a new country by assimilating the local culture and speaking the language. You took on the challenge of cooking your first dinner for friends and it turned out to be a delicious success. The process of learning, or trying new things is essential to happiness, because being happy means not staying in a rut or stagnating, but growing.

5. Do first things first

Happy people tend to be more in control of their lives and are proactive in managing their time. Know what is important in your life, what needs fixing and what can wait, and you will find that life is less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

6. Be yourself
Stop caring too much about what others think. Build your character; when you are true to yourself and do not try to live up to the expectations of others, you will find peace and contentment.

7. Laugh it off

Have you ever seen a happy person not laugh? Try to find humour where you can, and suddenly you will notice that things are not as bad as they seem. Where appropriate, make light of circumstances and do not take yourself too seriously. Laughter really is the best medicine.

8. Get Healthy
There's plenty of research that shows how a healthy diet can boost our mood and how just 20 minutes of exercise release "happy" endorphins in the body. So eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. And everyday , try to fit in a brisk walk, run, swim or anything that gets you moving and your heart rate up.

9. Stop living in bitterness or regret

Whether a close friend had betrayed or disappointed you or you had done something you regret, what is done is done and there is no point crying over spilled milk. Your best tact is to focus on the here and now, for it is the present that we control.

10. Make smart decisions

We all have choices, and what we decide shapes our happiness. Do you deal with a tense situation calmly,which could possibly diffuse negative vibes, or tackle it aggressively, and probably worsen things? Do you accept a well paying job that promises a lavish lifestyle but which would also mean time away from your family? Think of the long term consequences, and what would make you happiest.

11. Bring happiness to others

Selflessness, not selfishness, breeds happiness. The more you help others, the more joy you will feel, it is as simple as that. Walk the neighbor's dog, volunteer at a hospice, teach a child to read, give a colleague a chance to prove himself at work. You will reap what you sow.

12. Build close relationships

According to a Cornell University study, people who have close friends and enjoy meaningful relationships with family and partners are happier than those who do not. Humans are social beings by nature. Only through relationships can we love and loved. So to find true happiness in life, build your relationships.

13. Find your potential

Are you a great communicator? Are you a fast, efficient organizer? Do your friends insist you sell them your DIY Paintings? Joy of developing and seeing your talents flourish can only make you happier.

By putting these tips into practice you are guaranteed to find a truly happier you :)

Here is a video that also discusses more on how one can be happy:

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Liza said...

Hi Metz! Dropped by to greet you a happy Thursday!

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Liza,

yayy thanks so much for dropping by :) Hope you had a great week and the weekend is about to start so try to get a good day of rest :) xoxo

UPrinting said...

Thanks for sharing those advices.
I admit that I am one of those people who finds it hard to be happy. I got a lot of reasons. :D Hopefully I'll be able to follow your advices.

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