Empty Streets' Software Recommendation: Digeus Registry Cleaner

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I love trying out new software, especially those that promises to help our Operating System and speed things up for us. But there has to be a lot of research that needs to be conducted prior to using just anything, most especially if it is readily available for download from the internet. So when I was offered to try out a new registry cleaner I had to do a little research to check it out.

The registry cleaner that was provided to me for testing is called Digeus Registry Cleaner. I did a search on daddy G's seach engine (Google) and tried to look if anyone else has had an opportunity to test this software out. So far the verdict has been quite favorable from those that I have seen and read.

Another thing that I also had to check out was the company's profile and I have discovered that this is a company that was just recently established (2008) and has had a good growing support since then. They have a constant 24/7 customer support line to help anyone out that may encounter any issue with their products. They are multi software oriented and their diversity is note worthy.

These are the types of software solutions that they offer:

* Multimedia: Broadcasting tools, internet TV/Radio players
* Graphics: Screen Capture, Image Editing software
* Internet Applications: Email Extractors software
* System utilities: System Optimization and Diagnostics, Registry cleaners and Disk Cleaners software,

With all that being said, let me now start with the review.

Installation from their website was quite easy - and if you dont know how to install the software they even have a complete instructional guide that will help you figure out how. The software file size is also amazingly compact with only less than 2MB to download - making it a breeze to get.

After the installation, all I had left to do was scan the system. Using the system and navigating around it is pretty easy as there aren't any complicated options to choose from.
After the scan was completed I was shocked at what I saw - over a thousand registry errors, most of it came from software that I had previously installed and uninstalled and much more. Personally I use a freeware registry scanner that I thought does a great job but compared to this I realized that there are really limits to using free stuff.
Over all I was satisfied with the results and my system is running a lot faster than it did before. Web browsing was seamless to be honest as I am writing this review. It has delivered what it has promised by fixing these complaints.
- Slow Boot up
- Longer Machine Response Time
- Unexpected System Crashes
- BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
- Unresponsive System
- Slower Internet Browser Response
- Slow Start Up of Your Favorite Software
With all that being said I would strongly recommend for you to try out this software, you can even try a free scan to examine and test the product to see what it can find in your system. You might get surprised yourself.

It is also important to take note that registry cleaning is only one of the few things you can do to speed things up, try defragging your computer and clearing your internet's cache to help speed things up even more.

Here is the site for the Digeus Registry Cleaner

Till the next time. xoxo :)
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Anonymous said...

If someone is suffering from restart problem like it's computer is restarting automatically after five minutes again n again n some persons r having problem of shutdown that all is due to virus u can format your computer just by using registry software.

Empty Streets said...

Yup I couldn't agree with you more Jimmy :) registry Cleaners are the best thing for computers to help things speed up a bit. :) I strongly recommend it for those that want to help their lappys run and not stagger. :)

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