Food Friday on Empty Streets: California Maki

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I just love japanese dishes and nothing is easier to make than that of my favorite chow down bite size meal - California Maki.

Here is how to make this personal favorite:


* 5 cups cooked Japanese Rice
* 5-10 crab sticks
* 5-10 1/2 inch strips cucumber
* 5-10 1/2 inch strips ripe mangos
* kikkoman soy sauce
* wasabe
* 5 nori sheets
* 5 tbsp mayonnaise


1. Let the rice cool
2. lay nori sheet over a bamboo mat or cling wrap
3. spread 1 cup of the cold cooked rice on the nori sheet
4. aline crabstick,cucumber,mangos and squeeze mayonaise on top.
5. gently roll nori sheet till it forms a log.
6. slice the rolled up california maki with a wet sharp knife, arrange on a serving platter and enjoy.
7. DIP
8. kikkoman soy sauce and wasabe

And to further spice it up a bit here is a video that teaches of a different version of the California Maki:

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redkathy said...

Oh my how easy to make something I so adore! Thanks for posting this video, I'm gonna make my own California rolls !

Mariuca said...

I love these California maki Metz, Japanese food is my fave! :)

Empty Streets said...

I just cooked up a batch big enough to feed a squad hehehe you guys can have as much as you want :) xoxo - Am so glad that you guys loved this recipe. Stay tuned for new recipes to try next friday :) xoxo

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