Empty Streets Special: A Prayer for the VIctims of Typhoon Ondoy

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Metro Manila has just experienced a calamity that is beyond words. I was lucky that my apartment - elevated as it is - only got about a foot of flood water. But, many of the others out there were less fortunate. There are so many victims to name and the after effects is still being felt.

Right now all I can ask of my readers is to please send a prayer for all of us. That is all we can do as we fight to recover what was lost and eventually start to rebuild. I also ask for prayers for those that have passed away all throughout this ordeal.

If you wish to help out here are the drop off points for donations: DROP OFF POINT

Here is a news coverage of Typhoon Ondoy. I have to apologize though as the news footage is in tagalog but the scenes should be more than enough to show you how much this Typhoon has affected our people:

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Emila Yusof said...

I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy. My thoughts and prayer to all the victims.

Mizé said...

It´s a big tragedy going on in your part of the world...I saw it on the news. Nature is really powerful...
Despite this happenings hope your weekend is good.
Hugs, Mizé.

Emm said...

Oh no Metz, that must be very frightening for you! I will indeed be thinking of the victims and their families.

RE - EntrePOD said...

You Are In Our Thoughts and Prayers.
our relatives in Mindanao are sending us messages about what is happening there.

"rain rain go away and let the philipines dry up today"

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz! Good to know u are keeping safe but of course my thoughts and prayers are with you and your people. Keep safe and take care! :)

Mariuca said...

I watched the video and it looks bad, I do hope no more lives are taken. :(

Marlene said...

It's a very touching scenario of the flood. You have a quite lucky situation. Count on my prayers and thoughts to the less fortunate.

bingkee said...

My heart and prayers go for the victims of the flood. It's sad that our government cannot do anything to , at least, reduce occurrence of flooding the nation's capital. This has been a problem for years and nobody even takes the initiative to put structures to protect the city.

shydub said...

The news is all over the internet. I felt bad for our kababayan who are affected with the flood. My prayers and sympathy for the victims and family who lost their loveonesduring the flood. Glad you are fine. Prayers and god bless.

Jane Jane said...

My sincere prayers go for the flood victims. Something like this can be prevented, if we only knew how to take care of our environment. Our government, on the other hand, should establish a strong infrastructre that would ward off flood and other calamities, rather than using the taxpayer's money to a lavish dinner.

Empty Streets said...

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. This means a lot to everyone one of us that has been affected by the floods.

Please spread the word as this would truly help us out. My heartfelt thanks.


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I am late getting here but I wanted you to know that I posted a link on my Music Monday to you and your site.

This is terrible and I will be praying for everyone, including you!!

I hope the worst is over and no more lives are lost!!


Kraye said...

I hope everything will be okay now.

Prayers and support for all the victims.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Jackie and Kraye,

Thank you so much for your support. There are still over 300,000 people that have lost their homes and they will need all the help and support they can get. Muchos Gracias my Friends. xoxo

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Hi Stranger,

So sorry to hear about the flooding. I'd actually seen it on the news here too. My prayers are with all the family members.

Ms R

nash said...

Kuya Metz...

also posted a prayer for the typhoon ondoy victims....

do check it out too...

tc always bro!



Empty Streets said...

thank you so much for the support you guys have given to all of us. I pray that after this new storm has passed we can finally get back to our normal lives. My prayers also go to the indonesian victims of the quake and somoan tsunami victims. so many people dying in such a short span of time. Nature is such a powerful force and I guess she is reminding us to remember her.

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