Empty Streets Special: Typhoon Ondoy

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I still can't believe what had just happened to Metro Manila and many are still wondering what to expect next as a new typhoon looms over the Philippines' area of responsibility and is expected to hit the country in the next 72 hours. For now all we can do is pray and hope that somehow we will be spared the agony of having to deal with another storm such as Ondoy.

Here is a news documentary from ABS CBN about the tragedy of Typhoon Ondoy:

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Monica said...

Hi Metz! I'm very sorry to hear about the news in the Philippines...this is so sad :( Rest assured of my sincere prayers for them..

Lisa said...

Yes I read this news in the internet since yesterday here. It's so sad really... All we can do is to Pray and Pray and asks Him for our safety. Anyway thanks for the visit and time to visit my blog..Thanks a lot.. Be safe there and your family..

I copied the link of the video you had..Thanks

Empty Streets said...

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. As of today over 300,000 people have been left homeless. Please try and spread the word around as this would help them a lot. Keep safe always :) xoxo

Brochure Printing said...

I saw the photos too... It was very hard to look at. People clinging for their lives. Houses torn down. What is the government doing about this tragedy? :(

Empty Streets said...

I am sorry to say Brochure Printing, not as much. The government has even run out of funds to give for the victims sigh. We only have each other and hope to cling on.

Mizé said...

Hi Metz,
I´m really sorry to hear about this tragedy... prayers to all victims.
I read you were affected too and just hope things are Ok now.
Hugs xx

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