Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Masskara Festival 2009

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Masskara is a cool celebration of smiles that is celebrated in Bacolod during the month of October. It starts out here in Makati and it is every year that I get to see cool costumes and masks that reminds me of the Masquerade parties in South America.
This year though is quite special as this is going to be the Festival's 30th anniversary and according to the news they are getting ready for something different and special this ey
To get the Complete Schedule List simply click on this link: Masskara Festival Schedule

*** Update ****
My Bad, I almost forgot to talk about the origin of this festival but thankfully a cool blogger gave me a heads up and made me realize what was missing :)

This is for you Bad Gals Sound Off :)

The festival first began in 1980 during a period of crisis. The province relied on sugar cane as its primary agricultural crop, and the price of sugar was at an all-time low due to the introduction of sugar substitutes like high fructose corn syrup in the United States.[1] It was also a time of tragedy; on April 22 of that year, the inter-island vessel Don Juan carrying many Negrenses, including those belonging to prominent families in Bacolod City, collided with the tanker Tacloban City and sank. An estimated 700 lives were lost in the tragedy.

In the midst of these tragic events, the city's artists, local government and civic groups decided to hold a festival of smiles, because the city at that time was also known as the City of Smiles. They reasoned that a festival was also a good opportunity to pull the residents out of the pervasive gloomy atmosphere. The initial festival was therefore, a declaration by the people of the city that no matter how tough and bad the times were, Bacolod City is going to pull through, survive, and in the end, triumph.

The word "MassKara" is a portmanteau, coined by the late artist Ely Santiago from the word "mass" meaning "many or a multitude of the people", and the Spanish word cara meaning "face". A prominent feature of the festival is the mask worn by participants; these are always adorned with smiling faces. MassKara thus means a multitude of smiling faces.

Here is a video from last year's Masskara Festival:

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--I owe a public apology for the way this article was originally written prior to today as I just got not that there were parts of the post that was copied by my sister to write this article and for that am a bit ashamed of that. It is of no excuse that something like that has happened as I normally ensure that quality of the posts. I have also asked my sister to be careful next time as she is the one who covers for some of the articles whenever my schedule gets a lot more hectic than usual. So for that I truly owe a bit apology to Eric of whose article on the Masskara festival can be found here: Byahilo Masskara Festival. Once again my apologies to Mr Eric Dee.

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RE Ausetkmt said...

Hi Mertz can you please explain the meaning of this festival and why they are dressed in what appears to be ghanian akan style ?

interesting indeed

Empty Streets said...

Ohh my I did forget that hehe thanks so much will be posting it now :) I knew i forgot something hehehe :)

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hola Mertz!

This is a fun, colorful and wonderful post.

And you can call me Marzie anytime!! She is so sweet I consider it a great honor to go by that name.

I am racing against thunderstorms here.

I hope you are having a great day!!

eric said...

You plagiarized my blog post! cant you just write your own original content?

Empty Streets said...

Hi Shinade,

Thanks so much for the compliment :) will be re writing the article though as I just found out that parts of the content weren't originally written as I asked my younger to cover for me yesterday as I was busy with office work and it was raining hard over at my side of the world too :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Eric,

I have to apologize as this wasn't really intentional - I asked my sister to cover for my post last night and I was expecting her own feedback for this particular festival :) Am in the process of re writing the article taking out the parts that she has taken from your site. :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Jackie,

I am so sorry about that hehehe :) It was such a long and tiring day for me last night that I was trying to do my best to go and do my rounds reading all of our peeps' blogs and dropping cards at the same time. I was half there and half not wahhh hehehe :) Thank you so much though for understanding huhuhu I have a lot of things to be sorry about for yesterday heheh :)

Bert | Brochure Printing said...

the masskara festival very entertaining event celebrating in different place and also it the part of Filipino culture that each of one had been practicing ever since. Hoping for a great success celebrating the festival.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Bert,

yup I so agree with you, I am so hoping that this festival will be a big success as tourism is always a cool thing for our country to have plus it provides income and jobs to those that need it. :) We have so many other colorful and fun festivals here in the Philippines and I will try to help promote as much of them as I can and hopefully others will as well. The more we talk about the better the chances of people getting to know about it :)

Happy week ahead Bert ;) xoxo

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