Wellness Wed on Empty Streets: Effects of Partying (Hang Over)

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I admit that I was one of those people that loved to party and get drunk and wake up feeling under the weather the next day. I honestly didn't care about my health, since as we all know the feeling that we get was great during the party. What I didn't know and wish I had back then was that the after effects weren't just something that one could heal from - it had a high risk of become permanent and eventually lethal.

I was going through a National Geographic documentary video, which I will feature in a bit, and what I saw was shocking. One would think that smoking was the greatest risk one would have at an all night event. Little did I know that alcohol, the sound and much more were hitting my body, literally pounding it, causing irreparable damage. I guess in more ways than one I was lucky since my check up with my doctors came out ok - normal to say the least - but that was probably due to the fact that I didn't party as hard or as regularly as most people in their twenties and I had a very active and healthy life style. However, it still isn't an excuse to over do it.

It is true that parties is a natural part of growing up, keeping it in moderation though is advisable and taking necessary precautions is a must.

Here is the video that I was talking about:

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Mizé said...

Hi Metz!
Came to check what´s up in this corner of the world :)
I enjoyed the video (I love this type of documentaries) and the wise advice.
It´s been so long since my last hangover that I can´t even remember. But I smoke...I should consider quitting like I did with alcohol long time ago.
Good rest of week for you.
Hugs, Mizé

Print Brochures | Marq said...

Thanks for the informative post. It's true that alcohol can cause severe and lethal damage to the body. People have to remember that if ever they're going to drink alcohol, they have to drink moderately.
Always stay healthy! ^_^

Lisa said...

First time I left messages here due to the fact I never knew where do I leave messages here and finally I found your comment section,lol. Anyway thanks for the visit and the comments you've made on my post..Have a great day there..

Empty Streets said...

yayy am so happy that you guys loved this article and yes moderation is definitely the key.

@Mize - smoking is also a habit I am struggling to kick and after 2 months of being clean am back on it again. It is true, nicotene is worse than heroine. sigh.

@Marq - yup I follow and say the same thing to all of my friends. This documentary though worked well as a wake up call for all of them heheeh :)

@Lisa - it is always a pleasure to drop by your site. I truly enjoyed reading the articles and to be honest I need to do a lot of catch up for this week. So many things happening but am praying it all is good :) heheh :) xoxo Have a great week.

nash said...




Empty Streets said...

yahh nashie so try not to get too drunk oki hehehe besides mom is going to kick yah in butt :-P

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