Wellness Wed on Empty Streets: Homemade Facial Scrub from Orange Peels

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I love doing things that constantly keeps my skin young and supple. Nothing beats doing that than a good facial scrub and what better to use than one that is made right out of the kitchen. So here is a simple recipe for beauty that you and your family can make.


* 1 Tbsp. orange peel (grounded into a pulp)
* 1 Tbsp. oatmeal
* 1 Tbsp. plain yogurt
* a few drops of honey

Mix ingredients together. Apply to face, and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly.

Here is a video of another home made facial scrub that you can try:

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Brochure Printing said...

Oh goodness. I feel like I wouldn't want to put these on my face. Who wants to put yogurt and oatmeal on their faces, when they can eat it instead? LOL!
Thanks for sharing!

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