Wellness Wed on Empty Streets: Insulin and Fat Storage

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As I have discussed in my personal blog, I have been researching a lot on why people get fat. And finally I have found the answer to my growing bulge problem. Insulin - the major hormone that is the culprit behind it all. I have lost a lot of weight since I started on a diet that eliminated the triggers of insulin past lunch time and even though admittedly I get uber hungry at night it is definitely doing the job.

How does this all work? Simple once you understand.

Let us start with a common food myth. It is common health advice: avoid fat, eat carbohydrates, eat less, exercise more. Yet, diabetes and obesity epidemics coincide with Americans following this advice.

We have been taught that fat is bad for the health and carbohydrates are good. The USDA food pyramid diagrams a diet composed predominantly of grains and other carbohydrates. It has been assumed that there is a simple arithmetic relationship between calories consumed and calories burned that determines weight. The adoption of this dietary information has coincided with unprecedented levels of obesity and diabetes in the United States.

The type of calories eaten may be more important than the number. While it seems logical that fat would cause fat, the problem may be from overeating refined starches. A review of medical studies by Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories ( New York, NY: Anchor Books. 2007.), finds that quite a number of scientific studies show refined carbohydrates cause weight gain. Refined carbohydrates, like refined flour and other easily digested starches and sugars are also implicated in chronic health problems.

The Role of Insulin in Storing Fat
Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat. Fat accumulation, or obesity, is caused by an imbalance in hormones that regulate adipose tissue and fat metabolism. Insulin is the primary hormonal regulator of the storage of fat. If insulin is elevated, the body accumulates fat in the adipose tissues. When insulin levels drop, fat is released from the adipose tissues and used for fuel.

Increases in insulin are most highly stimulated by the consumption of starches and sugars, especially the consumption of refined starches and sugars. Eating carbohydrates increases insulin which in turn encourages storage of energy as fat rather than making the food energy available to the body to burn. The more highly refined the carbohydrate, the more its consumption stimulates insulin levels. By causing fat storage instead of making energy available for immediate use of the body, refined carbohydrates result in hunger.

According to Dr. Al Sears author of High Speed Fat Loss in Seven Easy Steps (Wellington Fl: Al Sears, M.D. 2008.), the consumption of fat does not affect insulin production at all. There are other issues with fats as hydrogenated fats pose a health risk, but fats do not cause the body to store fat.

This relationship between carbohydrates, insulin and fat suggest that obesity is not the result of overeating or sedentary behavior. It may be that obesity, in fact causes overeating and sedentary behavior, by storing too much energy in the adipose tissue and leaving the body hungry and tired.

Refined Carbohydrates Indicated in Chronic Health Problems
Type II diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome are the diseases that result from high blood sugar and high insulin levels. The likelihood of developing coronary heart disease, Alzheimers disease and cancer all increase significantly with the incidence of Type II diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. (Taubes p 204.) It could be more than coincidence that these problems, along with obesity, became common when dietary recommendations changed to favor carbohydrates in the diet and avoid fat.

Here is a video lecture that is sure to help widen your knowledge about fat formation and how to get it out of your system:

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Bert | UPrinting.com said...

Losing weight is not that a easy task for someone who is having an overweight. It's common health advice that you should properly diet and exercise. That was the two main key of advice in order to maintain good health. Anyway great! job.

Empty Streets said...

thanks so much bert and yes it is quite a challenge to loose weight. especially since it was so annoyingly quick enough to build. Everything in our system is dictated by our hormones sigh. hehehe at least now all I have left to do is burn it ;) xoxo

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