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I have a confession to make and it is something I am actually proud to confess :) I have been inked. Not once, but three times as of this writing and am still considering my 4th and probably last Tattoo this coming weekend at a Tattoo Artist Festival that will be held at A. Venue, Makati Avenue on Saturday the 19th of Sept. There will be a lot of artists there that will be competing against each other to see who's design would reign supreme. That is also the reason as to why I am compelled to write this article since I know a lot of people especially those with virgin skin who would be having their first inked session done or for those that just recently had theirs completed would be asking about the after care tips so that all the effort and pain that they had to endure to get it done wouldn't go to waste. Back then I had to rely on the advice of friends and the tattoo artist themselves on tips for tattoo after care. I have to admit I had my blunders and had to go back a couple of times to have it redone. The pain of getting inked over again was more excruciating than when it was done the first time.

So here are the tips to help you avoid just that.

General Tattooed Skin Care Tips

Keep Tattoo Clean:

* Wash your hands before touching your tattoo. This will reduce the chance of introducing germs to the open skin causing an infection.
* Wash your new tattoo two or three times each day. Choose a gentle soap, such as Johnson's Baby Soap, Baby Magic Bath Lotion or Ivory Soap. Your tattoo artist may recommend an anti-bacterial soap, and you can use this if you like, but nearly any gentle soap will kill germs. Baby products are less likely to strip the skin of its natural oils, even with frequent washing.
* Smooth the soap with clean fingers, not a washcloth. Washcloths, even velour ones, still have an abrasive effect on the skin, and this can leave your tattoo feeling raw and delay healing. It's far better to lightly work the soap over the tattoo in a circular motion. If it tickles a bit, you're using the right amount of pressure.
* Rinse the soap off under running water. Again, avoid using a washcloth to remove the soapy water. Letting clean, lukewarm water run over the area carries away all the soap and germs.
* Do not rub your fresh tattoo dry. The best way is to let it air dry. If you don't have the time to do that, you can gently pat it dry with a soft towel. An even better technique is to cover it with a clean paper towel and let it wick up the moisture on its own. This will only take a few moments and is well worth the time.

Keep Your Tattoo Protected:

* Cover your tattoo with a fresh bandage if needed. Most artists only recommend keeping your new tattoo bandaged for the first couple of hours after tattooing in order to soak up the worst of the bleeding. However, a new tattoo can continue to "weep" fluids for a few days, especially if the air can't get to it. If your tattoo weeps enough to run, rebandage it and ask your artist or physician to look at it to determine if an infection is starting. If all seems well, let fresh oxygen do its healing job.
* Resist the urge to pick at any scabs that may form. This is one of the best tattooed skin care tips you'll ever get, as scarring can devastate that artwork and all the pain that you went through to get.

Keep the Area Moisturized:

* Apply a small amount of a color-free, scent-free moisturizing lotion to the area. You are more likely to find a nice bland lotion in a health supply store than in a cosmetics aisle. The dyes in colored lotions can affect your ink tints, and scent oils used can be harsh on open skin.
* You can choose to use an antibiotic ointment on your tattoo if your artist recommends it, but it's not usually necessary. Washing your tattoo two or three times a day should be sufficient for killing germs.
* No matter which lotion or ointment you use, apply it sparingly. A thick layer of moisturizer can leach color out of your tattoo. If your skin feels excessively greasy after an application, gently pat up the extra with a soft tissue.

Protect Your Tattoo from the Sun:

New tattoos are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. The skin burns easily and the sun can actually bleach the color from your tattoo.

* Apply a thin layer of SPF 50 sunblock lotion over the tattoo, and reapply often.
* Wear a light garment over your tattoo for even better protection. Go ahead and combine this effort with the sunblock. When it comes to sun exposure, you really can't be too careful.
* Never forget to apply sunblock to a tattoo of any age. Even seasoned tattoos can be affected by the sun, and a sunburn can cause peeling and scarring, neither of which are any good for the look of your tattoo.

Here are more tips from an experienced tattoo artist:

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh my 3 tattoos!! i have always thought about it.

But, my every time I do I keep hearing my mother's voice in my head!!

So I don't do it!! I hope you have a terrific day Metz!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Jackie,

hehehe I heard that voice too hahahah but for some reason the vodka I took and the buzzing sound of the needle kinda drowned it out. hehe


Have a great week ahead :)

tattoo parlors Charlotte NC said...

It is indeed very important to properly care for our tattoos especially if it is new. This will ensure the proper healing of the skin. These tips you have shared in doing so are really helpful. Thanks for sharing an informative article.

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