1027 Call Center Life: Things to Remember Before, During, and After

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Hi Guys,

Today am listng things that one has to remember to do before, during and after a job interview.

Prepare at least 2 copies of your resume
Ensure that you have your business casual outfit ready the night before
Confirm with your interviewer that you are on your way via text or email
Check google maps for direction if in case the location is unfamiliar to you
Take note of the job offer, the interviewers name and the company name
Decide on what mode of transportation to take that would be most convenient for you and your budget
Bring an umbrella just in case it might rain
Study and prepare for possible interview questions and exams
Always arrive at least 30 minutes before the interview time.
Bring breath mints and a good cologne to ensure that you smell fresh before meeting your interviewer

Greet the interviewer with a handshake
Avoid unnecessary movements and gestures during the interview
Maintain proper eye contact
Speak with a loud and clear voice
If the question is a hard one, ask the interviewer for a few seconds to think about the answer
Avoid using fillers such as sir, ma'am, uhms, ah, actually, basically.
Maintain a friendly and positive personality throughout the interview
At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for the chance to be interviewed.

Send a thank you email to your interviewer to a text message.
If you are still within the interview process and the interviewer has asked you to keep him or her updated please ensure that you do so.
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Here is a video that helped me out in the past and I do hope that it can help you out too when you are Job Searching:

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redi said...


Tks very much for post:

I like it and hope that you continue posting.

Let me show other source that may be good for community.

Source: Call center interview questions

Best rgs

Lead Generation Philippines said...

Thanks for sharing this helpful article for those people who are looking for a job.

Inbound Call Center said...

thanks for posting!! now i know what to do now!! thanks a lot!! hehehhe

Sonia Roody said...

Remember, when you are about to apply at a callcenter, there are points that you need to
consider such as your attire, confidence and the way you speak. Just like you said, do a list so you won't forget anything. Don't forget to smile as well.

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