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Hi Peeps and regular readers. I know that I have been absent from posting for a week now, but I really needed timeout to figure things out. Ever since Typhoon Ondoy (local name of International Typhoon Ketsana) hit our country and the flood waters hit my home, I had been rather busy with repairs and recovering lots of things that I had lost and damaged. I am still a little behind in the repair work but at least I can say that things are at 80% back to normal.

Good news is that I am now an Account Manager in the company that I work for and I am having the most fun since I am in-charge of interviewing and placing people into companies that is better known as call centers. Since I started in Oct 5, 2009 I have already helped 25 people and am hoping to help more. :) Aside from that, being away from writing has somehow given me more ideas as to what articles I shall be writing so stay tuned :) - the daily theme is still the same as it is what this blog is all about. Some of you have noticed that I have also placed the awaiting moderation mode of this site's comment because I noticed that I can't seem to keep track of who and what article received a comment and I want to be notified and respond accordingly. :) But as always things will progress and change as we go along :).

In the articles that I will be writing one can expect the same format however the way it will be written will now be on a more personal level. I want to write stories that come from my heart and more. I felt that in the last couple of weeks Empty Streets was become too commercialized and bookish. :)

I also have a lot planned for my other blogs so dont forget to drop by and check them out too :)

Till Music Monday - xoxo peeps :)

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Liz said...

Hi Metz! Good to see you back. :) Congrats on your promotion.

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Empty Streets said...

Yup it feels so good to be back :) thank you so much :) Will be zipping by over to your sites soon ;) Blessed be always :) xoxo

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