Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Let us Visit Greece

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Greece is a country filled with so much history, one that is both magical, mythical and modern. It has become the corner stone of modern civilization and has been the root of where most of what we have right now in terms of culture and language.

Today I would like you to see what this country now in the modern age has to offer and to be honest with you nothing much has changed. The charm and enchantment it once had in the past still linger in the land and in its people. To the get things started though here is a list of places to visit and add to your itinerary once you are in Greece:
Athens: Apart from being the capital of the nation Athens is the largest city in Greece. You will be able to explore the breathtaking view of the surrounding area consisting of all the flat topped hills located at the Acropolis. The 2400 year old monument of Parthenon creates an awe-inspiring view of the area.This monument is considered to be among the classical monuments in the world. Your tour of Athens has a lot to offer you during your tour of the city.
Cape Sounio: Cape Sounio is located at the eastern part of the country. This place is famous for the stark ruins of the Poseidon Temple of the fourth century BC. This is among the most Famous Tourist Spots in Greece mainly because of the wonderful view of the wide panorama that can be enjoyed over here. The view of the island and the sea is simply superb. Piraeus: This place is located at the heart of the Saronic Gulf, outside Athens. Piraeus is the main port near Athens. You can enjoy a ferry ride from this place to the main land of Greece.
Delphi: This place is one of the Famous Tourist Spots in Greece. This was the Oracle of the ancient Greece and several emperors of the ancient country used to come here, frequently for moral and political guidance. Here you will be able to explore the ancient temple of Apollo. The Delphi museum houses a lot of articles worth exploring. If you are in Delphi you must spend a night at the hilly region of Arahova, the town famous for making cheese.

And now to show you what I mean here is a couple of tourism videos for you to watch and enjoy:

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Greece is one of the countries that you just got to check out. The rich history alone makes one want to visit the place. I'd definitely have a blast if I ever get the chance to go there. :D

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