Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Sydney Australia

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Back to the Australian topic for the month and today am featuring a cool place to be, which also is considered as one of the most desired places to live in - Sydney Australia.

When one thinks of Sydney, Australia - the most common thing that pops into people's minds is the Sydney Opera house that has proven to be one of man's greatest structural feats. But Sydney isn't just about that - it is a melting pot of culture and tradition. One can be see a mix between Caucasians, Asian, and Aborigines. The food and the people equally as enticing as the land they live in. The beaches are blue and clear, with nature and man living in harmony with each other. Being able to have seen this place since I was a child has caused me to long to see it yet again.

For tourists and residents alike there is a website that I found that has made a comprehensive but easy to digest guide of this beautiful city of Sydney - Lonely Planet Sydney

Aside from that check out this youtube video presentation of Sydney to show you exactly what I was talking about and much more:

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