Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Brisbane, Australia

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I am going to be a little biased for this topic about Australia because am starting off at a place that I remember from long ago. The very first place I have ever been to within this majestic place - Brisbane.

Brisbane is known for so many things, but mostly of how nature and man has coexisted and it's beautiful beaches. I have to say that I really miss it. Childhood memories haunt me every now and then and I guess as I am getting older I am seeking to revisit my past. :)

Now as for the things to do in Brisbane I found a cool link in Yahoo that actually listed down 178 different things one can visit and do there :) Yahoo - Things to do in Brisbane

Now being a firm believer that pictures can say a thousand words - can you imagine how much a video of the place can say :)

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4 comment(s) to... “Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Brisbane, Australia”


Mariuca said...

I wanna go to Aussie again!!! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I hope ur having a good week, don work too hard now! ;)

Mizé said...

Hello Metz!
I wouldn´t mind a trip to Australia. From the pictures I´ve seen it looks an amazing country.
Passing by to wish you a good week ahead.
Hugs xx

Brochures said...

Brisbane sounds like a good place to have a vacation. Especially that its near the beach. Cool~ :D

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