Wellness Wed on Empty Streets: Effects of Stress on the Human Body

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Today am just featuring a video I found in Youtube.com that talks about how stress affects the human body. I am featuring this article most especially since I am feeling a bit stressed right now both at work and at home. But the kind of stress I have I actually need as there are many people like me that thrive on it. However, too much, like everything else can and will have side effects.

here is why:

Hope that this isn't what you are experiencing. Sometimes it pays a lot to simply take a break and walk away even for just awhile. It then you can see and think more clearly and most importantly it helps keep you healthy mentally and physically.

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Anne said...

I have just gotten out of an extremely stressful situation. I am sure it was having a negative effect.

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, my kitties have some awards for u, congrats! :)


Brochure Printing said...

With all the problems and crisis the world is experiencing, I guess almost everyone is feeling stressed already. Thanks for sharing the info, btw.

I just wonder though, why do some people who are feeling stressed out get heavier and there are also those who lose too much weight?

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