Tech Tuesday on Empty Streets: GSM vs CDMA

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I have to admit that when it comes to mobile phones I am quite the fanatic and would love to get my hand on every single one of them out there, however, many such as myself have come across the two network types known as GSM or CDMA. I found that these two are completely different and that the phones that work with them or is designed for each technology type is different. One example would the that GSM uses a SIM card to function as with the CDMA there is only the need for registration of the phone.

Across the globe GSM is the most favored as based on research is the first wireless technology used for mobile phones and is the least expensive to set up compared to CDMA. CDMA on the other hand came out a couple of years after and is commonly favored by Countries like Japan and Canada as many of the users claim that it is more seamless and better to use. EVDO which is the faster data transfer rate version of CDMA allows users to enjoy seamless internet browsing and internet tv channels hitting speeds close if not above 1Mbps. GSM Fanatics claim that GSM is better because of the convenience of simply changing sim cards at the locality of where you shall be.

But luckily for a lot of us that seem to be a bit clueless still here is video that I found on youtube that discusses more about this particular topic.

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Monica said...

Hi Metz i'm here! :) oh I want a new phone too :-P

Makoy said...

hi kuya, i linked you sa i hope you can link me back. thanks!

Anne said...

I just got a new phone, but I am not sure which format it uses. Although I would guess GSM since I am in the US.

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