Empty Streets Editorial: Soul Searching

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I have to admit that I haven't been posting anything for quite awhile. To be honest a lot of things are going through my mind. I guess one of the primary reason as to why I haven't posted was because I had to think hard about what I was doing here in empty streets and what I was writing for. I asked myself a lot of these questions and was feeling a bit lost.

Today though is a bit different. I finally got time to think to myself and not focus on daily routines since I am on leave from work due to the holidays. It was a blessing to be honest to get the chance to be free from work. I finally sat down in front of my new Computer whom I called Mr. Q :) and started contemplating on how all this began. Empty Streets when it first started was a blog that was meant to reach out to people and to help them see the world through my eyes. To feel a piece of me - my laughters, my tears, my stress and my glee. Overall it was a window to my inner soul. Everything that I have written thus far is in more ways than one connected to what I feel and think about the mundane. I got to gain friends, lots of them. Mariuca, LJ, Marzie, Emila Yusof, Mize, Snow, Mr B, Liza, Lisa, Mrs Recipe and much much more to mention. I started blogging on a daily basis. Even expanding to other blogs of different genres. I was very successful at it that people started paying me for writing about stuff and advertising on my sites. Sadly, somewhere along the lines I lost track of what empty streets was to me. I started writing simply for the heck of writing. Before long, the articles that I have been writing felt empty for me and unfulfillable. I felt it a chore to type away and share. It was then that I realized I had to stop. I put the notebook aside and focused on work and family and restoring the home that I had which was hit by Typhoon Ondoy. Before long I started to try to write again but my mind was incapable of maintaining the pace that I once had. So eventually I put everything on an indefinite standby.

Now that things have started to settle down, I started contemplating on the things that made me happy. Much to my surprise I found that I was in front of my blog typing away this message. I finally am here releasing my thoughts and emotions again as it was in the beginning. And to tell you honestly, I feel a bit relieved. This is the reason that made me type so much at this blog. I wanted to share and to teach. I wanted my friends to see that I am still alive, that I exist and am here to help them through the stories and topics that I share. Empty Streets is a place where I can be me. In here I can open my world up to all of you that are reading this. Writing is what made me happy. Writing about things I like makes me happy. Sharing about life is what makes me happy. Helping people is what brings that warm feeling inside and that alone is priceless. Empty Streets is my sanctuary from the real world. A street empty of prejudice and stress. A happy place where one can stay and enjoy the stillness for a moment. To speak the things that are on my mind. It is a place where friends can come to listen and share as well. That is what empty streets is for me and I guess it shall be for the longest time.

I once thought that we have to keep on going forward no matter what. What I have learned these past months is that it is necessary for us to take a step back in order for us to move forward. To be grateful for the things that we have and be ever hopeful of the things to come. I may have gone through a lot, however, there is still a lot of things about life I still have to learn. That is what I want to keep on doing.

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Mizé said...

First, I´m very happy you consider me your friend and mentioned me :)
I noticed you made a pause in blogging and now I know you used this time to re-think your path.
I also blog without a defined "direction" and I like it that way. I see Blogging as an extension of myself, if I can´t be me I won´t carry on.
Even bloggers have to recharge batteries...
See you soon :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize :) Merry Xmas :) hehehe yup you got it exactly down to what I was saying and summed it all up :) miss yah much and will be back to full blogging mode sooner than you can say blogger hahaha :) Keep smiling always and remember that you are always in my prayers :) i cant wait to catch up on all your articles heheh that is what will keep me busy I believe hehehe :)

Mizé said...

Welcome back to EC dropping!
Merry Christmas!
Missed you too :)
I´m Glad to see your good humor back. Haven´t written much lately... only personal stuff.
I´ve been more concentrated in Personal Finances topics in my blog "Mizé Journey". I always smile, no matter what. Keep positive and things will look better.
See you later xx

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Yup, but am still getting a hang of it again hehehe :) I even had to go back and read the rules and there seem to be quite a lot of changes. Am glad that things are looking up with you. Merry Xmas :) xoxo

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