1027 Call Center Life: PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial

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Powerpoint is one of the most powerful presentation tools that is used by many people in the corporate world to relay their messages across. Many of us may know how to manipulate the basics of this particular Microsoft Software but if you really want to get people to listen and and get drawn into what you want them to know and understand then you need to delve a bit further.

Here today in 1027 Call Center Life I have made a playlist of videos that will show you how to use PowerPoint 2007 from the basics to the fundamentals of using it in presentations. I would suggest to grab a notebook, some snacks, and open up powerpoint itself as watch and get to learn from each of these videos.

For more videos on Powerpoint 2007 Tutorial simply visit my video playlist at: PowerPoint 2007
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Anonymous said...

Interesting story you got here. I'd like to read a bit more about this topic. The only thing it would also be great to see here is a few pictures of some gizmos.
Alex Stepman
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Wonderful post..I my self can benefits for this tutorial.. Thanks for the post, hope for more tutorials..Keep blogging!!

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Helios said...

Brilliant post.This is very helpful information.Thanks for this.Nice sliding's.

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inbound call center said...

Great tutorial. Im looking forward to see more of your playclips as well. Hope to learn more from yah.

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real estate philippines said...

MS Powerpoint is still the best in the industry i think. Very user friendly and used worldwide.

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