Tech Tuesday: Atlantica Online - Best MMORPG for 2009

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I got hooked by an online game last week and I guess will be hooked on it every weekend from this point on. The game that I can't seem to stop playing is the Online MMORPG made by Ndoors called Atlantica Online. I got so addicted to it for several reasons:
  • Graphics is amazing. The moment I got to log in and got to see the layout of the game environment, I was pleasantly surprised as to how detailed it is from your character to the scenery.
  • Huge Gaming Potential. I was blown away at the way the entire game is set up. One look at the map and you will realize how big Atlantica Online really is. The possibilities are enormous. You can be from level 1 to 120 and yet there will still be challenges to face.
  • Friendly Community. The game play system is an environment that induces camaraderie and friendship. I noticed that the moment I logged in, people have been helping me through the system, guiding me and mentoring me as I learn the ropes. The quests and challenges make it in a way that once inside the game you will find that friendship and social networking is the most important skill a player has to have to survive.
  • User Friendly interface and game controls. That is more ways says it all. I myself do not like game play that is filled with so many keys to remember. In Atlantica Online, the quests, community, and system layout is so easy to understand as everything is set up to teach you step by step. There is even AUTOPILOT for those like me who are so bad with directions in real life and worse in the CGI environment (this is actually my favorite since when a quest is to be conducted I simply click on AutoPilot and it moves to the location of where one should be completing the task, allowing me to sit back and enjoy the scenery as my character moves across the computer generated field.) There is even the City of Manila in the game in the South East Asia Region. That is just one region and a clue to how big the game is, cause Atlantica Online's Map is based on the World Map :)
  • System Requirements isnt that high so people with a Windows Experience Index of a 3.0 can play the game without much of a hickup (of course graphics settings should be set to a low).
  • Character Customization is endless. I found that I could dress up my characters and finding the money to do so is quite easy as long as you learn how to craft items :). Yup there is an online Marketing Business to help you get through the Atlantica Online gaming world. :) I really wish I could get all the gold I have out and turn it into real money hahaha.
  • Lots of conversation. I have gained so many new friends in the game and chatting with them is a breeze. The game is Turn Based so you have time to literally chat with your opponent or allies during battles. It literally taught me how to multitask to a level that I never thought I could :).
  • Lots of friendly competitions and fun inter player challenges to choose from. Like I said, it is endless game time in Atlantica Online.
Most of the people that I have chatted with in Atlantica Online are people just like me, adults that are looking for a quick and fun get away from reality where we can fulfill our fantasies of being beyond ordinary. I really like the game and best of all, it is free. The server am on is Thebes and that is just one of the many servers that Atlantica Online is using. Last time I played Thebes had over 100,000 players so you can imagine how many people like Atlantica Online. All you need is a nice comfortable place to play, good internet, and a laptop or desktop that has a decent graphics driver and you should be good to go.

Here is a trailer of Atlantica Online - Hope to see you guys there (am using my real name so do say hi when you see me ;))

PS. Did I mention that you can even get to own a city :) wickedly cool game and you wont really fully comprehend what I am saying till you get to try it out yourself. :)

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